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What to Do to Prepare for a Hurricane

overview of large hurricane heading towards the eastern coast of Florida

What to Do to Prepare for a Hurricane

Hurricane season is something that Floridians are all too familiar with, but when it comes to being prepared, you can never overdo it. Please take a moment to ensure that you are fully prepared for this hurricane season. The following list of essential tips will help you know what to do to prepare for a hurricane.

Make a Plan

Even if there is no threat of a hurricane or severe weather at the moment, it is always necessary to have an emergency plan for you and your family.

  1. Plan your evacuation route well ahead of time
  2. Buy emergency supplies and keep on hand
  3. Take an inventory of your personal property
  4. Review your insurance policies
  5. Take steps to protect your home/business

Find more details in our Hurricane Guide and Emergency Checklist.

Prepare Your Family

It is crucial that your family understands your emergency plan and continues to stay updated on the storm. Understanding the difference between a hurricane “watch” and a hurricane “warning” is very important.

  • A “hurricane watch” means hurricane conditions are possible in a specified area, but there’s a chance they may not occur.
  • A “hurricane warning” is issued 36 hours before tropical-storm-force winds are expected.

Replenish Your Emergency Food and Water Supply

Hurricanes can easily disrupt your food and water supply. Make sure you have at least 3-5 days worth of non-perishable foods that require little to no cooking or refrigeration.

Withdraw Enough Cash In Advance

Whenever severe weather hits, you can almost guarantee that the power will go out. In this case, you will not be able to withdraw money from the ATM. It is recommended that you have at least $300-$500 in various increments.

Make Sure You Have Flood Insurance Coverage

Flood insurance is advisable for all homeowners and is separate from your homeowner’s insurance policy. Please note, there is a waiting period after purchasing flood insurance that can be anywhere from 10 to 30 days. Call us to discuss your flood insurance options today.

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